Connecting to ZQ110 Printer from React Native App using Bluetooth

Dear everyone,

We have been trying to develop a React Native application capable of printing with Zebra devices.
Printer: ZQ110
S/N: XXZN19-18-0002
Firmware version: ZQ110_V1.04 STD 062917 (upgraded from 1.0)
Self test image file attached for additional information

Libraries Tested:

Polidea/react-native-ble-plx: React Native BLE library (
catnuxer/react-native-zebra-bt-printer: Bluetooth printer zebra (
kenjdavidson/react-native-bluetooth-classic: ⚛ Bluetooth classic Android(Bluetooth)/IOS(ExternalAccessory) module for serial communication (

We attempted to connect to the printer via bluetooth implementing the device scanning/pairing with each of the libraries aforementioned, testing on real iOS (iPhone 6) and Android (Samsung Galaxy S9) devices, enabling and disabling MFi mode on each try, but the devices found while scanning did not show any information that indicated that it was a Zebra printer. The only time we could connect to the printer and actually print something was using your proprietary apps ‎Zebra ZQ110 for iOS ( and Zebra ZQ110 for Android (

What other options do we have in order to connect to the Zebra printer ZQ110 and print something generated from our React Native app?

Thanks in advance

Robin West

Hi -  We do have Android and iOS native SDKs for that printer specifically  Unfortunately we do not have something specifically for React, but you can create a wrapper for these.  There may even be a wrapper out there created by someone else.  Keep in mind that this in not a Link-OS or ZPL printer, so SDKs designed for that are not going to work in this printer.  

I am not entirely sure these printers will be discoverable as Zebra printers using the standard means.  They are very different from most of our printers from the ground up.  Did you try to connect with the printers directly given thier known serial/mac addresses rather than via discovery?  You could add an easy to scan barcode to the printers (or use the ones we usually have on them) to get the mac address into your app.


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