How to locate tags by barcode (EAN) instead of EPC



We are developing an app for a Zebra TC20 device in order to perform inventories (we use a handheld Zebra RFD8500 reader to read RFID tags).

We are interested in locating tags with the RFD8500 using only the barcode of the tags instead of the full EPC.

Example: suppose we have 3 tags:
- Tag 1 -> Barcode: 8433594013132 // EPC: 843359401313200001723799
- Tag 2 -> Barcode: 8433594013132 // EPC: 843359401313200001723158
- Tag 3 -> Barcode: 8433594013300 // EPC: 843359401330000001832435

As we can see, Tags 1 and 2 start with 8433594013132. We want the RFD8500 to beep when we approach it to the tags just using its EAN instead of the full EPC.

In Zebra Docs (, there is a method to make the RFD8500 beep when you are close to a tag using its EPC (tagID):

public void Perform(java.lang.String tagID, java.lang.String epcMask, AntennaInfo antennaInfo)

(Following the previous example -> Perform(843359401313200001723799, null, null); will make the handheld device beep when we are close to the Tag 1, but it will not beep when we are close to Tag 2, because is a different EPC)

Apparently, you could pass an EPC Mask as parameter in order to look for non-specific item from a group (as we can read in "What's Next" section of

Perform(843359401313200001723799, "CERTAIN_MASK", null);

The problem is that we can not find any information about the format of the "String epcMask" parameter. Can anyone give us a hint about the value we must pass to the Perform method as "epcMask" in order to do what we have explained?

Thank you in advance.