NEWS: All-Touch TE Version 2.0.9 Released


Ivanti has released All-Touch TE Version 2.0.9

 All new features, fixes and upgrade information is below, including quicklinks and StageNow

 ATTE 2.0.9 Release Notes:


What’s New in Velocity 2.0.9 – December 2018

Support for more devices

This release adds support for the Zebra MC33 T9 keyboard

Scan RFID tags

This release adds support for the Zebra MC3300R RFID reader for improved inventory management

Richer client UI

The client user interface can be made to look richer, through the ability to add images to buttons

Import SSH keys into Console

When configuring as SSH server in the console it is now possible to connect to that server and automatically pull down the key

Disable Pinch and Zoom now also disables Tap and Slide

Some devices have a Tap and Slide gesture to control the screen zoom level. The Disable Pinch and Zoom option now also disables this additional gesture

Key macros sent as a block

Some VT servers required that some commands were sent in block mode. Velocity now sends key macros as block data rather than character data on VT servers

Quick import projects through drag and drop

Velocity project files can be dragged to the project list in the console to quickly import them.


  • Use of JavaScript document.location.hash triggered multiple scan events
  • Tap to pair headset in Speakeasy was unreliable
  • Console logs didn't roll over
  • Long press on software keyboards sometimes didn't work
  • Console no longer from an unknown vendor
  • Native theme colors weren’t working well with Session Persistence Server
  • No cursor on SAP web pages in some cases
  • Velocity was not falling back to direct connect when Session Persistence Server is unavailable
  • Font size changed when client was minimized and brought into focus again
  • Exporting projects now include custom.css
  • Fixed a client freeze when the client received large data packets
  • Changing the font side had no discernable effect on tablet devices


To download or upgrade to 2.0.9, refer to:Quick All Touch-Terminal Emulation Links (Android and Windows 10 Devices)  (including Stagenow barcodes)

To download or upgrade Console to 2.0.9, Download it here (requires registration)