Network Connect - Updates

There has been several enhancements to the Network Connect products.

  • New versions of Network Connect printer Firmware Kits are available.  These new versions support Link OS 5.2 and back.  Attached is the document "Readme - Loading NC printer firmware.docx" that shows the version of software by printer.
  • Updated scanner (EA3600) AOP and EA3600 firmware.
    • The new AOP now allows the user to collect information about the scanner connected.
      • Wired or wireless
      • Number of scanners connect to a cradle if wireless
      • Battery status
    • EA3600 firmware
      • support for updated AOP
      • Fix for scanner not reconnecting after battery change
      • Ability to configure the EA3600 via scanned barcodes
    • Allows for the changing of the EA3600 port number.
    • See battery information
    • Scanner connection

Updated software and documentation can be at the link below

EA3600 Network Connect Industrial Ethernet Software Support & Downloads | Zebra