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Moving from EMDK Data Capture Profile to DataWedge

Check out our blog to learn how to use DataWedge APIs to create and manipulate DataWedge profiles in the same manner as the EMDK Data Capture profiles. You’ll be able to increase feedback and reduce dependency on the EMDK.

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DEVPODCAST: Capturing Useful Data for SMBs

No matter your business size, capturing data is crucial in today’s economy—and an app called MotoScan from Norris Print does just this. MotoScan is a simple and easy data capture solution for Zebra devices. Learn about this development journey and how understanding customer needs is crucial for business efficiencies.

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DEVTALK Webinar: Building
F# Apps for Zebra Devices

July 18

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Print Touch: Printer NFC Details

Zebra Link-OS Print Touch enables effortless device pairing and app launching by leveraging Near Field Communication. With Print Touch, you can pair Link-OS and NFC enabled devices to get you up and printing quickly.

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Link-OS SDK Update 2.14 for Xamarin and .NET

Look for updates to the LINK-OS Multi-platform SDK. We’ve included the Xamarin libraries for printing and NuGet .NET library. You can download the complete update on and view the documentation on Techdocs.

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Barcode Scanning Software Tools Update

In May 2018, we updated our scanner software tools. Read our blog for an overview of the updates and where to download them.

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NFC Assisted Printers’ Bluetooth Connection Setup on iOS

First introduced with iOS 11, Apple’s Core NFC Framework app can use the NFC reader on the iPhone 7 or later models to detect NFC tags. This is good news for developers writing apps for Zebra mobile printers, because almost all of our mobile printers are equipped with NFC tags on a Zebra Android device. Learn how this utility allows for the easy unzip of any file, plus folders contained in a standard zip archive.

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