Zebra DEVPODCAST - Enable Informed Decision Making with StayLinked and Zebra

There is a lot of talk about big data and analytics in the Enterprise these days and how there is a need to properly measure data. One purpose is to enable supply chain sector workers with the tools and solutions that will make them more efficient.

With the announcement of the Savanna platform by Zebra Technologies in September 2017, StayLinked, an Independent Software Vendor Partner of Zebra, has been able to deliver a solution known as IQ, that allows the ability to sense or capture data, analyze the data, and then act on data results to refine business processes. Zebra’s Savanna platform, working in conjunction with StayLinked’s IQ, is capturing performance data to show customers the full picture; from workers picking orders off the shelves, to placing them in boxes, to the number of boxes being shipped, allowing them to identify the weak spots they need to improve upon.

In this podcast, learn from Dan Quagliana, Head of Zebra Global Developers Relations, and from Padraig Regan, Europe General Manager of StayLinked, on how this partnership to combine data from the Savanna platform with StayLinked’s data analytics tools, such as IQ, presents a complete picture to customers by providing real-time insight into quality issues or battery management on Zebra devices which can be immediately addressed to strengthen the whole fulfillment process.

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