DEVTALK - October 5 -  Want to Integrate DataWedge & Printing into Your Cordova Application?

Are you a JavaScript developer? Do you want to learn how to integrate your JavaScript applications with Zebra mobile computers and printers?

With the myriad of hybrid application technologies out there, it is not obvious how best to integrate your application with Zebra hardware.

In this DEVTALK, we'll explain your options and walk through how to use barcode and printing in your Cordova, Ionic and PhoneGap applications. We will cover setup, available APIs and walk through the code needed to get you started.

Anonymous (not verified)

My slides can be found here: Integrating DataWedge into your Cordova Application.pptx .  Please also see the notes section of the slides for additional details.



Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Everyone, Thanks for joining us today!  I attached my slides from today about printing in Cordova to the main post.  Darryn will post his slides on using DataWedge in Cordova separately.  We will also have the video posted shortly.

Again, if you have feedback for us on this topic and how we can better support your development efforts, please comment on this post.

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Hi Everyone, The video link seems to have been lost, so please find it on youtube.