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Smart Battery Management of Link-OS Printers

Learn about smart features for Link-OS printers that can be implemented by developers, including battery information and control with useful SetGetDo (SGD) commands.

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DEVPODCAST: Embrace the Android

We’re working with partners and customers who are moving to Android devices. Learn about the differences between device owners versus device administrators, how to find that stellar GUI interface and why you should work with Zebra in the enterprise space.

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DEVTALK Webinar: Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Device Admin and Device Owner Overview

April 4



DEVTALK Webinar: DataWedge Updates

April 25



Join Us at DroidCon Boston 2018

We are excited to sponsor DroidCon Boston, taking place March 26 – 27, 2018, and hope you’ll join us! As experts in the enterprise Android world, we invite you to visit the Zebra team to learn about our product portfolio and developer resources.

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GMS Blog Series: Distribute Private Apps in the Managed Play Store

With the move to the managed Play Store on GMS devices, how do you create an app in-house and distribute only to devices within your organization? Or, if a third party creates an app, how do you distribute it without having to disclose login credentials with that third party? Find out in our blog.

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Learn What’s New for Enterprise Browser 1.8

Enterprise Browser is a powerful, industrial browser that provides everything needed to quickly build device apps for barcode scanning, signature capture, payment processing, printing and most other enterprise applications for a long list of supported Zebra devices running Android and Windows Mobile/CE. Discover product updates with Enterprise Browser version 1.8.

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Get Scanned Data with DataWedge and Enterprise Browser

Learn how to scan and process barcode data using DataWedge inside Enterprise Browser application as a JavaScript callback on the Android platform.

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Using NFC Tags with StageNow 2.x

Want to learn how to setup/stage a mobile computer fleet by simply tapping it with your phone? Learn how to use NFC tags with StageNow to access remote profiles on devices.

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