MultiRoute Mobile by Multisystems Has Been Validated


Validated Solution: MultiRoute Mobile

Validated on: ZQ510, ET50/ET55, TC56, TC51_TC56, TC70_TC75X, Mobile, ET1, TC55 Shelter, TC7X/Pollux, MC67XX

Description: MultiRoute allows your sales reps to use any Android-based device to manage client information, showcase your products catalog, create quotes and place orders. Managers can track the team’s sales activities including route schedule, visited and non-visited customers and other key performance indicators that will help you increase your sales and revenue. MultiRoute Mobile helps you eliminates the data entry process from the sales loop, shortening the time to deliver products to the customer. It generates sales orders automatically based in the inventory levels and buying habits shortening your sales process, while increasing available time to visit more accounts in the same span of time. This cloud-based solution enables businesses to obtain immediate return of investment with a low monthly fee and no servers to manage.