Bugallo Label Editor by Xaquin Bugallo del Puerto Is A New Zebra Validated Solution

Company/Partner: Xaquin Bugallo del Puerto

Validated Solution: Bugallo Label Editor

Validated on: GK420, QLNs, ZQ320

Description: Design and print labels in an Android device with internal printer drivers.


Features included: Label Editor · Label Print Module With Internal Android Printer Drivers (No PC or Internet Connection required) · Barcode Reader (zXing) - Supported Printers / Protocols: Zebra ZPL (with printer status feedback)

Supported Printers Ports:  Ethernet Wired/Wireless direct to printer · Bluetooth direct to printer · Serial (*Using Wincentral tool, download at www.bugallo.net) · Parallel (*Using Wincentral tool, download at www.bugallo.net)

Supported Field Types: Texts (One line) Voice or keytap input · Paragraphs (Multiple lines) Voice or keytap input · Shapes (Line, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Circle / Ellipse · Barcodes · Pictures / Logos