Link-OS SDK Update - .NET for Windows 10!

.NET developer? Tired of the mobile developers getting all the good stuff?


Good News! Zebra just released a .NET SDK for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 and you’ll find most of the great API's from our Java SDK as well as comprehensive documentation and sample code.  This release includes everything from connection classes for network, USB, and Bluetooth(Windows 10 only), to settings and graphics functions. 


  • iOS developers will find some new functionality in the form of sendAndWaitForResponse methods as well as parameters to fine tune the connection opening and closing methods.  It has also been updated for iOS 10 and 11.
  • Android sample code is now configured for Android Studio, and the PrintStation app has been updated for newer versions of Android.
  • Multiple bugfixes


Download the SDKs here!


For more information and sample code regarding Link-OS .Net SDK please see our latest DEV { TALK } here.

Daniel Quagliana

Alexander, can you provide any details on the enhancements you are looking for in the Xamarin SDK?

Daniel Quagliana

Thank you for the feedback. I will submit this to the product team. If anyone else has feature requests please feel free to add them to this chain or reach out directly to me.

Alexander Poopeiko

When will you update the Xamarin SDK? The latest sdk for Xamarin is from July 2016.

Best regards,


Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Alexander, I can't speak to roadmap, but we are aware of the need.



Alexander Poopeiko

Hello Daniel.

What I'd be happy to see in the Xamarin LinkOS update is:

- Better stability when discovering network (WiFi) printers. Currently, we either get 0 printers or 1-2 printers out of 5 printers we have in the same WiFi. The results are not consistent.

- Faster BT printing. We print a small B/W png image containing a barcode and a label. If we print the same label 10 times it takes forever (more than 2 minutes). The image is around 1500-1800 bytes. It is like the latency is around 400-700ms. It takes over a second just to check the pre-print status.

These two are the most urgent issues we have.

We use iMZ220 and QLn320 printers.

Best regards,


Brent Bowers

The Getting Started documentation installed with the ,NET SDK says that there is a NuGet package named Zebra.Printer.SDK, yet it doesn't appear to be on NuGet.  Is there one coming, and if so, when, or is the documentation incorrect?