Bluetooth Printer Management Announcements

Many companies have deployed mobile printers in the field with only Bluetooth connections, and to manage or monitor them remotely is a challenge. However, with Bluetooth Printer Management(BPM) we have solved this issue. Now, printers can connect through these new two Android Utility Apps(Bluetooth Connector & Connection Manager) available for downloading from Google Play Store. Once the printer is connected to BPM, a gateway will be enabled between the printer(s) and Profile Manager Enterprise(PME) or SOTI MobiControl.


Main Features Include:


      • Easy Tap and Pair Connection
        • Simple Bluetooth pairing
        • Enable the user to quickly connect to any printer
      • Visibility to Your Bluetooth Connected Printers
        • See Alerts indicating printer status, including media out, head open, battery low
        • Proactively prevent issues that cause downtime
        • Monitor and troubleshoot printer issues
      • Manage Bluetooth Devices in the Field
        • Transfer objects to printers in the field
        • Fast deployment direct from your MDM
        • Keep your entire printer fleet at the latest software level


How it works:



Additional information can be found here:

Bluetooth Printer Management Product Page, Bluetooth Connector & Connection Manager

Profile Manager Enterprise

SOTI MobiControl & SOTI MobiControl Connector