SEVT-RFID Meeting Notes 2017-02-08


Round table:

  • NEC project- implemented MC9500, which will go EOL. Customer is upset. Will be hard to get them to move to FX9500.
  • Altaf Mula (should be getting a PMB out) - Issues getting parts for the reader,  issue resourcing the parts. Need clear communication of the FX9500 problem.- Communication just went out (internal), need external as well- Bill Fergurson shared the memo from Feb 1st - sent to SEVT by Larry D. Internal ONLY- do not share.
  • FX9500- Component issue- we cannot source it, company went out of business.
  • No new orders taken- out of solution builder for now
  • See more details on the Internal Memo sent by Larry Dykes.

Partner presentation - Jamison RFID Door in North America:

By- Tony Dublino

Privately held manufacturing, various divisions: refrigerator doors, cold storage doors, air doors, …

RFID projects for military

Don't sell direct, sell to partners

Key value- reduce labor and deployment, maintenance over several years

Sell in NA and other countries as well (i.e. Korea, UK), where resources are needed.

Anthony Joseph Dublino

VP Global Sales

Learn all about RFID here…

O -240.313.7944

C - 561-926-7260

F - 561-431-7813

<See attached documents>

SEVT- Good experience communicating with BU

SEVT- Looks like the same as 2015, lack of communication- need to get back to  have regular communication with the BU.



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APAC Arnold Ballesteros x
APAC Shridhar Shanbhag x
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EMEA Peter Walsh x
NA Bill Ferguson x
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Skype Guests:

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