SEVT-RFID Meeting Notes 2016-06-22



Michael Fein will join us to discuss status of printing RFID tags for application to metal, and how this team can help kick start sales of this new offering.

And on this special occasion we will also be joined by our partner Confidex for this discussion.

Partnership between Zebra and Confidex

SilverLine Media:

Lower cost, more temporary, can create/put on demand

On demand RFID tags for metal surfaces

Release, in  stock, shipping.  Customized printer, reseller signs the CSAF (custom acceptance form)

Silver line labels cannot be used on regular printers (get caught).

Other RFID tags may/may-not be used, you could but Zebra will not support.

MiKa Pylvanainen (product manager):

  • High quality label, premium, curve surfaces, IP68, available globally.
  • 3 different sizes (Silverline, Sliverline Slim, Silverline Micro)
  • Spacer introduced on the label is to protect the printer.
  • 1mm thickness, looks like a label, it does not stick out too much.

Documents, data sheet, specs, webinar, tech docs

Good acceptance so far, only out for couple months.

Applications (many available):

  • T&L- containers, rental equipment
  • Healthcare-  example: TagNet - wheel chairs, IV pump, oxygen canisters
  • IT assets
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Oil&Gas
  • Government

Curved surfaces- may increase the read range

Participants and Guests in Skype meeting:


Amoura, Azdine

David, Randy

Dolunay, Cengiz

Dykes, Larry

Fein, Michael

Ferguson, Bill

Gregorich, Dino

Hobbs, Kristefer

Isakov, Nikolay

Karmis, Georgios Filippos

Larose, Serge

Novotny, Jiri

Sanchez, Ana

Sather, Christopher

Walsh, Peter



Joe Hoerl

Brenda Brady- Confidex

Miika Pylvänäinen

Worm, Charles

Hobbs, Kristefer