Announcing EMDK for Xamarin v2.0

EMDK for Xamarin v2.0 Now Available



New in this Release:

  • Added support for a large number of Zebra Android devices, including the TC8000!
  • Updates to EMDK Manager API's
  • New in Profile Manager
    • Support for Multiple MX versions
    • Support for Profile upgrade to higher MX version
    • Bluetooth Manager
    • Hosts Manager
    • DHCP Options Manager
  • Updates to existing Profile Manager Features
    • UI Manager
    • DataCapture
    • Wifi

For more details on this release, see the EMDK for Xamarin 2.0 About Page


NOTICE: Xamarin Studio 6.0 is not currently supported.


Installing EMDK for Xamarin 2.0:

If you are not upgrading from EMDK for Xamarin 1.0, follow this Guide to get setup.



Upgrade to EMDK for Xamarin 2.0:

  1. Open your preferred IDE ( Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio)
  2. Open your IDE's Extention or Add-in Manager
    • Visual Studio -  Tools > Extensions and Updates
    • Xamarin Studio (MAC) - Xamarin Studio(menu) > Add-ins
    • Xamarin Studio (Windows)  - Tools  > Add-in Manager
  3. Look for Upgrade notification, and Install