Xamarin Evolve – April 27-28 – Cloud, IOT and Mobility in Practice – Tap into the Enterprise Evolution

I will be presenting at Xamarin Evolve showing how you can deploy Cloud and Internet of Things solutions today. I will walk through several use cases of actual Zebra customers across several industries and describe the value of the solution & the tools needed to build it. I’m really excited to meet many of you face to face and connect with the Xamarin developer community, so please register for the event and come to my session!


Here is the official synopsis of my talk:

Cloud, IOT and Mobility aren't just buzz words anymore as you learn how to help businesses transform their operations. From NFL football players to the coat you purchased online and was delivered to your door to a baby born in a hospital, learn real use cases of how your software, combined with the sensors, devices, and platforms from Zebra Technologies, can provide operational visibility to enable Enterprise & workflow optimization. Let Zebra open doors to the huge growth and revenue opportunities of the Enterprise market.


Key topics include:

  • Enterprise Asset Intelligence—how you can use Cloud, IoT & Mobility to transform the Enterprise
  • How businesses are using IOT today
  • Enhancing worker productivity via augmented reality
  • Developing for the Enterprise—Unique needs of the Enterprise
  • Building an Enterprise app with Zebra Development Tools Bullet


Dan Quagliana

ISV Manager

Daniel Quagliana

Thank you to everyone who visited Zebra at Evolve and came to my talk. It was great to hear all the interest in Enterprise Asset Intelligence solutions. For those who missed it Xamarin has posted all the breakouts from Evolve including my talk.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unmBvtdwPsU