Active Near Field Communication

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a set of standards for short-range radio communication for data exchange. There are two types of NFC technology in use: Passive NFC devices and Active NFC devices. Passive NFC devices are tags with simple electronics that are powered by the NFC reader, which can be read from and written to as a small storage device but cannot perform any other tasks.


An Active NFC device can communicate information freely back and forth, exchanging data without limitations. Active NFC devices can also write to and read from Passive NFC devices. At least one Active NFC device is required for NFC to operate with another Active or Passive NFC device.


While all ZQ500™ series printers have a Passive tag (Print Touch) containing manufacturing information on the side of the unit, some models of ZQ500 series printers include a printer operating system controlled emulated Passive NFC functionality. The ZQ500 series implementation includes functionality as an emulated Passive NFC device, in which Active NFC devices can read from and write to the printer as if it were a Passive (non-powered) NFC device.

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