Screen Orientation set in AndroidManifest.xml is not being respected on Android 8.1.0 with MX version of 10.0

We're building a custom launcher. Through the EMDK (we're using MX 10.0) we're setting ourselves as the default launcher on the device via the "App Manager" EMDK profile.

This works as expected -- we're set as the default launcher. However, it has a side effect where our application no longer respects the screen orientation we set in the manifest or in onCreate of the activity.

When the screen is rotated into landscape mode, the status bar and application rotate into landscape mode (note: the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen does not change position in this scenario) and then jumps back and forth between Portrait and Landscape orientation indefinitely until the device is rotated back into Portrait.

This is happening on a TC57 with Android 8.1.0 (Oreo) and only with this configuration to my knowledge.

We also run on TC51's with Android 7.1.2 and MX Version 7.2 and we do not see this issue happening there.

I believe this to be an issue with the EMDK interacting with the OS and was wondering if anybody has seen this before and, if so, a workaround that could be used.

Rabeb Othmani
Hi David,

Hi David,
Sorry for the delay. Could you please specify which EMDK version you're using and maybe share the XML with us. Thank you. 

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